Install and Use Cloud Tools for PowerShell


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Biswajit D. · 评论大约 9 小时之前

Joko S. · 评论6 天之前

Issues with running commands in powershell. Machine type in lab script is not allowed (changed to n1-standard-1 for it to work).

Cato F. · 评论7 天之前

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Michael G. · 评论14 天之前

Try backup data by create bucket but seem that user disable

Anantasak T. · 评论29 天之前

Good intro lab. The only area that needs an update is the Prerequisites section. The URI link (or anchor) associated with the Qwiklabs are not completely accurate. Some qwiklab is not available any more. • Getting Started with Cloud Shell & gcloud • Creating a Virtual Machine • Running Windows Containers on Compute Engine (with Powershell) regards, KC

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Adhi P. · 评论大约 1 个月之前

Maybe we may choose the [PROJECT_ID] as bucket name instead of a constant bucket name in the section 'Create a bucket' ? While doing this lab, the bucket name seems to be taken already.

Sheng-Yao T. · 评论大约 1 个月之前

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Mohamed El Mahdi S. · 评论大约 1 个月之前

Mohamed El Mahdi S. · 评论大约 1 个月之前

/Creating a Bucket command errors

Okello B. · 评论大约 1 个月之前

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Daniel Jose R. · 评论大约 2 个月之前

Replace the following command $config | Add-GceInstance -Project project_id -Zone us-central1-a as $config | Add-GceInstance -Project "project_id " -Zone "us-central1-a"

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