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Unable to complete lab: Enter a value: yes google_project_service.compute: Creating... google_project_service.resource_manager: Creating... google_project_service.compute: Still creating... [10s elapsed] google_project_service.resource_manager: Still creating... [10s elapsed] Warning: "enable_flow_logs": [DEPRECATED] This field is being removed in favor of log_config. If log_config is present, flow logs are enabled. on .terraform/modules/vpc/terraform-google-modules-terraform-google-network-99b5774/ line 30, in resource "goog le_compute_subnetwork" "subnetwork": 30: resource "google_compute_subnetwork" "subnetwork" {

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belum selesai

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belum selesai

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Lab is failed Google Compute Engine Incident #19008 Diagnosis: Customer may experience errors while creating or deleting backend services, subnets, instance groups and firewall rules. Workaround: No workaround is available at the moment

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Nice to work with terraform

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line numbers are not matching the tf file line numbers, difficult to make edits to the .tf files with this guide, repeated errors, and repeated "destroy" commands

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write the json structure clearly..

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