Maintaining High Availability with Auto Scaling (for Linux)

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Couldn't have the ELB background because of missing course in quest.

Maciej W. · Reviewed etwa 2 Stunden ago

You should review the SNS section of this lab as some of the steps seem to be outdated so I fumbled a little. Also there is no fleet dashboard to view at the end of the lab and you don't provide rights to create a default dashboard so i couldn't view the fleet state.

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Jose Luis Q. · Reviewed etwa 20 Stunden ago

I spent a few credits to do the qwilabs "Maintaining High Availability with Auto Scaling (for Linux)" but in the launch configuration step (25), I've replaced all the information according to the instructions and I received the error bellow. [ec2-user@ip-172-31-51-172 ~]$ aws autoscaling create-launch-configuration --image-id ami-08d489468314a58df --instance-type t2.micro --key-name qwikLABS-L2037-9482721 --security-groups qls-9482721-d74d4737d96e9558-Ec2SecurityGroup-1H87LPSB3QTJJ --user-data file:///home/ec2-user/ --launch-configuration-name lab-lc Could not connect to the endpoint URL: "" [ec2-user@ip-172-31-51-172 ~]$ How can I rescue my credits or continue working in this lab ?

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Not so good. Need to come back.

Wilgon Berthold T. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago