Maintaining High Availability with Auto Scaling (for Linux)

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Gaurav G. · Reviewed environ une heure ago

About 80% of the way through - at the point where CloudWatch alerts would be leveraged to actually implement auto scaling, CloudWatch->Alerts gave a blank screen. I tried everything to fix this, log out/log in, refresh screen, etc. It was just dead, so I was unable to complete the Lab properly (although I grasped the concept well enough).

Brant G. · Reviewed environ 13 heures ago

Zubair M. · Reviewed environ 15 heures ago

Deepak k. · Reviewed environ 19 heures ago

Christopher H. · Reviewed environ 20 heures ago

Deepak k. · Reviewed environ 21 heures ago

auto scaling lab-lc does not exist

Chris M. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

I wish that you could pause the course!

Miriam C. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

Tyler R. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

Waqar A. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

:3 I want something more but yeah! It's pretty good. Thank you for the lab

Vinh T. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

Benjamin G. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

Mikhail D. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

Wilfred B. · Reviewed 2 jours ago


Mazen a. · Reviewed 2 jours ago

David E. · Reviewed 3 jours ago

Fabrizio D. · Reviewed 3 jours ago

Geoff D. · Reviewed 3 jours ago

Good lab

Shah A. · Reviewed 4 jours ago

Abhijit J. · Reviewed 4 jours ago

Hanafiou B. · Reviewed 4 jours ago

karyn k. · Reviewed 4 jours ago

Alexandr K. · Reviewed 4 jours ago

Daniel S. · Reviewed 4 jours ago

Very good lab.

Andrew C. · Reviewed 5 jours ago