Configuring Networks via gcloud

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Rodrigo M. · Reviewed environ 4 heures ago

Pradeep K. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

In the text you talk first about cnet-vm and then about lnet-vm. Think this should generally be called lnet-vm.

Ron G. · Reviewed 1 jour ago

guys, it's really simple lab, but you do it really bad: 1) you call networks 'labnet' and 'privatenet', but somehow call their subnetwors 'labnet-sub' and 'private-sub' - why don't you call the latter 'privatenet-sub'? 2) you call firewall rules 'labnet-allow-internal' and 'privatenet-deny', why don't you call the latter 'privatenet-deny-external'? 3) you start with labnet, then create privatenet, but somehow start creating VMs in the opposite order - first for the privatenet network, then for the labnet network - why are you messing things up? 4) you call VMs pnet-vm and cnet-vm, but your command create VMs pnet-vm and Inet-vm - did you test it by yourself? it's a good opp-ty for you to fix it, while it's fundamental level

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