Configuring Networks via gcloud

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Lab is a bit short. Perhaps more sections such as how to delete each resources created will be a good content to add it. In the "Take your next lab" section, it needs a lab removal. It's kind of loopy because it's listing " Configuring Networks via gcloud"; We are doing "Cofniguring Network via gcloud" now.

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The expected output of 'Create VM Instances' seems weird - the INTERNAL_IP of pnet-vm should be '10.1.0.x' something instead of ''. Yet another places I feel weird is the INTERNAL_IP in the output of 'gcloud compute instances list --sort-by=ZONE', the pnet-vm should describe the IP of '10.1.0.x' something. Nevertheless, all this tutorial is easy to understand.

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It's superb experience to get started with gcp!!!!

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