Configuring IAM Permissions with gcloud

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fuck you command is not working

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finally after reading some UNIX theory, I was able to complete this task sucessfully.

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instructions are not clear.

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I followed all the steps clearly but there was an error coming for command- gcloud projects add-iam-policy-binding qwiklabs-gcp-00-b80b73a37999 --member user:$USERID2 --role=roles/iam.serviceAccountUser Error=> ERROR: Policy modification failed. For a binding with condition, run "gcloud alpha iam policies lint-condition" to identify issues in condition. ERROR: (gcloud.projects.add-iam-policy-binding) INVALID_ARGUMENT: The email address of a user in the IAM policy is empty. Becasue of this I could not finish the lab successfully. Could please hem me here? I would like to take the lab again after we have a resolution on this.

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