Launching and Managing a Web Application with AWS CloudFormation

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YE W. · Reviewed etwa 12 Stunden ago

This was a fantastic lab and thanks for the yaml templates

Donald M. · Reviewed 2 Tage ago

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Dhriti B. · Reviewed 3 Tage ago

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Hemant k. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago

Christopher H. · Reviewed 4 Tage ago

Obvious explanation

Vinh T. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

Vincent N. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

Waqar A. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

Tyler R. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

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Mazen a. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

David S. · Reviewed 5 Tage ago

Really good, will need to do again a few times to really master it.

Shah A. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago

Need some way to keep notes for use when we start real work.

Puran L. · Reviewed 6 Tage ago

shaju s. · Reviewed 7 Tage ago

Marc S. · Reviewed 8 Tage ago

Aaron C. · Reviewed 8 Tage ago

Well constructed and written. The explanations and YAML excerpts were key to avoid getting lost in the larger YAML files. I would have like to have seen clarification regarding the location of the actual PHP "application" that was getting updated.

Kermit I. · Reviewed 8 Tage ago

Loved this one!

Tim M. · Reviewed 8 Tage ago

couldn't complete. lab3.yaml file is not working 2019-12-06 11:07:50 UTC-0800 Lab-3 ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS The following resource(s) failed to create: [WebServerHost]. . Rollback requested by user. 2019-12-06 11:07:49 UTC-0800 WebServerHost CREATE_FAILED The security group 'lab-3-webserversecuritygroup-fsq2h5ohef68' does not exist in VPC 'vpc-eff52197' (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidGroup.NotFound; Request ID: 164db429-edfb-4c57-b296-e22843a37f03)

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Mika S. · Reviewed 8 Tage ago

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Andrew C. · Reviewed 8 Tage ago