Using Apigee for API Management

Using Apigee for API Management

1 hour 15 minutes 7 Credits


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


Every mobile app, smartphone, and connected experience is backed by an API that needs to be managed, secured, analyzed, and scaled. Rather than having app developers consume your services directly, they can access an API proxy created on Apigee Edge. Apigee Edge is a platform for developing and managing API proxies. Think of a proxy as an abstraction layer that "fronts" for your backend service APIs and provides value-added features like security, rate limiting, quotas, analytics, and more.

With the analytics tools you can see short- and long-term usage trends of your APIs. You can:

  • segment your audience by top developers and apps
  • understand usage by API method to know where to invest
  • create custom reports on business- or operational-level information

In this lab you'll build an Apigee API proxy which will consume a public HTTP backend service running on Google Cloud Platform. You will learn how to:

  • Create and use an API with Apigee.

  • Use Google Datastore data to return a JSON payload.

  • Access data to test functionality.


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