Classify Images of Clouds in the Cloud with AutoML Vision




Enable the AutoML API

Create a Cloud Storage Bucket

Create a dataset

Run the predictions(Check the accuracy for the model)

Classify Images of Clouds in the Cloud with AutoML Vision

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Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


AutoML Vision helps developers with limited ML expertise train high quality image recognition models. Once you upload images to the AutoML UI, you can train a model that will be immediately available on Google Cloud for generating predictions via an easy to use REST API.

In this lab you will upload images to Cloud Storage and use them to train a custom model to recognize different types of clouds (cumulus, cumulonimbus, etc.).

What you'll learn

  • Uploading a labeled dataset to Cloud Storage and connecting it to AutoML Vision with a CSV label file.

  • Training a model with AutoML Vision and evaluating its accuracy.

  • Generating predictions on your trained model.

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