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kubectl exec $(kubectl get pod -l app=productcatalogservice -o jsonpath={}) -c istio-proxy \ -- curl --header "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" --header "hello:world" \ https://frontend:80/ -o /dev/null -s -w '%{http_code}\n' \ --key /etc/certs/key.pem --cert /etc/certs/cert-chain.pem --cacert /etc/certs/root-cert.pem -k Can't run check it again

Duc Huy D. · Revisado há aproximadamente 13 horas

Kiyoshi F. · Revisado há 3 dias

Broken lab: - please adapt istioctl instruction in order to download version 1.10.2, not the current version 1.10.3 (sidecar injection yaml generation won't work otherwise) - curl requests inside istio-proxy container don't work: the certificate files don't exist => curl error code 58

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Holger S. · Revisado há 9 dias

the cluster created in the lab environment does not have installed full istio (citadel pod and svc are not present). I have also tried to update the cluster by my self, but after that I received some errors, I think caused by istio versions conflict. So at the end I completed the step on my personal subscription but I am not able to complete the quest

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Tiago P. · Revisado há 16 dias

The kiali is not working with admin admin credentials, it just gets hanged

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