Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Qwik Start - Command Line

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Google Cloud Pub/Sub: Qwik Start - Command Line

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Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a messaging service for exchanging event data among applications and services. By decoupling senders and receivers, it allows for secure and highly available communication between independently written applications. Google Cloud Pub/Sub delivers low-latency/durable messaging, and is commonly used by developers in implementing asynchronous workflows, distributing event notifications, and streaming data from various processes or devices.

In this lab, you will do the following:

  • Learn the basics of Pub/Sub.

  • Create, delete, and list Pub/Sub topics.

  • Create, delete, and list Pub/Sub subscriptions.

  • Publish messages to a topic.

  • Use a pull subscriber to output individual topic messages.

  • Use a pull subscriber with a flag to output multiple messages.


This is an introductory level lab. This assumes little or no prior experience with Pub/Sub, and it will teach you the basics of setting up and using this Google Cloud service.

Before taking this lab, consider your proficiency with Pub/Sub. Below is a list of more challenging labs that will let you apply your knowledge of Pub/Sub to different cloud services and use cases:

Once you're ready, scroll down and follow the steps to get your lab environment set up.

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