Google Cloud Datalab: Qwik Start

Google Cloud Datalab: Qwik Start

45 minutes 1 Credit


Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs


Cloud Datalab is an interactive data analysis and machine learning environment designed for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for data exploration, analysis, visualization, and machine learning.

Cloud Datalab uses notebooks instead of text files containing code. Notebooks bring together code, documentation written in markdown, and the results of code execution — whether as text, image, or HTML/JavaScript. Like a code editor or IDE, notebooks allow you to execute code in an interactive and iterative manner, rendering the results alongside the code. When you share a notebook with team members, you can include code, markdown-formatted documentation, and results that include interactive charts, to provide them with context that goes beyond what Python or SQL code files alone can provide.

With Cloud Datalab you'll be able to analyze your data on Google BigQuery, Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Google Compute Engine, and Google Cloud Storage using Python, SQL, and JavaScript (for BigQuery user-defined functions).

What you'll do

In this lab you'll:

  • Create a Datalab instance

  • Create a new notebook

  • Use git and ungit for source control

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Create a new Datalab instance

Run Step

/ 50

Use ungit for committing the code.

Run Step

/ 50