Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud

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Earn a skill badge by completing the Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud quest, where you will learn about Google Kubernetes Engine and multiple deployment approaches including how to: configure and build images to run and debug Docker containers, build Kubernetes Engine clusters, and manage them with kubectl, deploy Kubernetes applications using deployments and continuous delivery techniques.

A skill badge is an exclusive digital badge issued by Google Cloud in recognition of your proficiency with Google Cloud products and services and tests your ability to apply your knowledge in an interactive hands-on environment. Complete this skill badge quest, and the final assessment challenge lab, to receive a skill badge that you can share with your network.

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  • Lab

    Introduction to Docker

    In this lab you will familiarize yourself with the basic Docker container environment commands. You will create, run, and debug containers, and learn to pull and push images to and from Google Container Registry.

  • Lab

    Kubernetes Engine: Qwik Start

    Google Kubernetes Engine fornisce un ambiente gestito per il deployment, la gestione e la scalabilità delle applicazioni containerizzate utilizzando l'infrastruttura Google. Questo lab pratico mostra come eseguire il deployment di un'applicazione containerizzata con Kubernetes Engine. Guarda il breve video Manage Containerized Apps with Kubernetes Engine.

  • Lab

    Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes

    In questo lab imparerai a eseguire il provisioning di un cluster Kubernetes completo mediante Google Container Engine, a eseguire il deployment e a gestire container Docker mediante kubectl e a suddividere l'applicazione in microservizi mediante i deployment e i servizi Kubernetes.

  • Lab

    Managing Deployments Using Kubernetes Engine

    Dev Ops best practices make use of multiple deployments to manage application deployment scenarios. This lab provides practice in scaling and managing containers to accomplish common scenarios where multiple heterogeneous deployments are used.

  • Lab

    Continuous Delivery with Jenkins in Kubernetes Engine

    In this lab you will deploy and completely configure a continuous delivery pipeline using Jenkins running on Kubernetes Engine and go through the dev - deploy process.

  • Lab

    Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud: Challenge Lab

    This challenge lab tests your skills and knowledge from the labs in the Kubernetes in Google Cloud quest. You should be familiar with the content of the labs before attempting this lab.

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    Quest Info
    Prior to enrolling in this skill badge quest, it is recommended that you complete the Create and Manage Cloud Resources quest.