Implement DevOps in Google Cloud

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Earn a skill badge by completing the Implement DevOps in Google Cloud quest, where you will learn about DevOps - an organizational and cultural movement that aims to increase software delivery velocity, improve service reliability, and build shared ownership among software stakeholders. Specifically, you will learn how to: 1. Create a git repository using Google Cloud Source Repositories. 2. Launch, manage, and scale deployments using Google Kubernetes Engine. 3. Setup a Kubernetes cluster and deploy Load Balancer type NGINX using Terraform. 4. Create and monitor a GKE cluster using Cloud Monitoring. 5. Use Jenkins on Kubernetes Engine to develop a continuous delivery pipeline.

A skill badge is an exclusive digital badge issued by Google Cloud in recognition of your proficiency with Google Cloud products and services and tests your ability to apply your knowledge in an interactive hands-on environment. Complete the skill badge quest, and final assessment challenge lab, to receive a digital badge that you can share with your network.

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  • Lab

    Cloud Source Repositories: Qwik Start

    In this lab you will create a local Git repository that contains files for a sample App Engine application, add a GCP repository as a remote, and push the contents of the local repository.

  • Lab

    Managing Deployments Using Kubernetes Engine

    Dev Ops best practices make use of multiple deployments to manage application deployment scenarios. This lab provides practice in scaling and managing containers to accomplish common scenarios where multiple heterogeneous deployments are used.

  • Lab

    Deploy Kubernetes Load Balancer Service with Terraform

    In Terraform, a Provider is the logical abstraction of an upstream API. This lab will show you how to setup a Kubernetes cluster and deploy Load Balancer type Nginx service on it.

  • Lab

    Troubleshooting Workloads on GKE for Site Reliability Engineers

    The Cloud Operations Sandbox is intended to make it easy for you to deploy and run a non-trivial application that lets you explore the Google Cloud Platform services, particularly the Cloud Operations (formerly Stackdriver) product suite.

  • Lab

    Continuous Delivery with Jenkins in Kubernetes Engine

    In this lab you will deploy and completely configure a continuous delivery pipeline using Jenkins running on Kubernetes Engine and go through the dev - deploy process.

  • Lab

    Implement DevOps in Google Cloud: Challenge Lab

    This challenge labs tests your skills in implementing a continuous deployment pipeline using the Jenkins build and deployment automation tool

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