SysAdmin on AWS for Windows

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Learn how to use system administration tools in the AWS cloud, including PowerShell, Storage Spaces and Microsoft System Center.


This quest is designed to help you navigate through a sequence of related topics and AWS services as it relates to SysAdmin on AWS for Windows, including services to deploy and manage your Microsoft Windows-based environment in the AWS cloud.

Quest Outline

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AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell:入门

本实验室将向您介绍设置和使用 AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell 的逐个步骤。借助此工具包,您能够像用 Windows PowerShell 管理本地 Windows 环境一样管理您的 AWS 资源。您将对可与 AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell 搭配使用的各种身份验证类型进行检查。在本次实验室课程结束时,您将使用 AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell 编写自己的可自我修复的 PowerShell 脚本。

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warning Using Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration in AWS

This lab will take you through the steps by which Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) can be used to automatically monitor and configure other instances in the same domain. You use Windows PowerShell DSC to run specific PowerShell scripts to monitor systems and, if they deviate from the desired state, run scripts to restore the desired configuration on the system. You will use DSC pull and push modes to perform this task. You will use a simple DSC PowerShell script that will remotely install the Windows IIS role on another server in the same domain.

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结合使用 Windows Server Storage Spaces 和 Amazon EBS

本实验室将逐步指导您如何使用 Amazon 系统映像 (AMI) 启动 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) 实例、向该实例添加多个磁盘以及构建具有 SSD 和磁性介质卷的分层存储池。您还将使用该存储池创建虚拟磁盘,并在已挂载的卷上执行基本的 IOPS 测试操作。在本实验室结束时,您将了解如何结合使用 Amazon EBS 和 Windows Storage Spaces 构建具有多个存储层的虚拟磁盘池,以及如何通过 iSCSI 从其他机器连接至 Storage Spaces。

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warning Microsoft ADFS and AWS IAM

This lab will take you through the process of configuring Windows ADFS with AWS IAM, which enables you to access your AWS Management Console with the desired Active Directory users and groups. You will leverage the AWS support for Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), an open standard used by many identity providers. This feature enables federated single sign-on (SSO), which lets users sign in to the AWS Management Console or make programmatic calls to AWS APIs by using assertions from a SAML-compliant identity provider (IdP) like Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with basic Windows Server administration and also be highly fluent and conceptually solid with the techniques of federated identity and identity providers in general, and SAML, LDAP, Active Directory, and AWS IAM in particular.

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