Introduction to Serverless: Cloud Run Development

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Twelve years ago Lily started the Pet Theory chain of veterinary clinics, and has been expanding rapidly. Now, Pet Theory is experiencing some growing pains: their appointment scheduling system is not able to handle the increased load, customers aren't receiving lab results reliably through email and text, and veteranerians are spending more time with insurance companies than with their patients. Lily wants to build a cloud-based system that scales better than the legacy solution and doesn't require lots of ongoing maintenance. The team has decided to go with serverless technology. For the labs in the Google Cloud Run Serverless Quest, you will read through a fictitious business scenario in each lab and assist the characters in implementing a serverless solution. Complete this quest including the the challenge lab at the end to receive an exclusive Google Cloud digital badge. The challenge lab does not provide prescriptive steps, but require solutions to be built with minimal guidance and will put your Google Cloud technology skills to the test!

Quest Outline


Cloud Run を使用して PDF ファイルを作成するサーバーレス アプリをビルドする

このラボでは、Cloud Storage に保存されているファイルを PDF に自動的に変換して別のフォルダに保存する機能を持つ、PDF コンバータ ウェブ アプリを Cloud Run 上でビルドします。

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Cloud Run と Pub/Sub を使用して復元性に優れた非同期システムをビルドする

Cloud Run と Pub/Sub を使用して、HTTP POST、メール、SMS を介して通信するサービスを実行します。

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Developing a REST API with Go and Cloud Run

Demonstrate how to build a REST API with Go and Cloud Run


Creating PDFs with Go and Cloud Run

Learn how to develop an application to create PDFs on Google Cloud using Serverless technologies and Go.


Introduction to Serverless: Cloud Run Development Challenge Lab

Serverless challenge lab to assess skills based on Google Cloud Serverless developer tools. Students are required to have knowledge and experitise in the area of Cloud PubSub, Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Tasks to successfully complete the lab.