Securing Cloud Applications with Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks

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Prisma™ Cloud by Palo Alto Networks is a cloud native security platform that enables cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) for comprehensive visibility and threat detection across your organization’s hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure. Prisma Cloud is driven by APIs and deployed agents called Defenders. Because Prisma Cloud supports any Kubernetes platform, organizations gain a consistent security posture across on-premises, cloud and multi-cloud environments. In this quest, you will learn how Prisma Cloud provides organizations with unmatched visibility and defense-in-depth for workloads and applications running on Google Cloud Platform.

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    Prisma Cloud: Securing GKE Run Time

    This is Part 1 in the Prisma Cloud Compute Lab Series. You will use Prisma Cloud Compute from Palo Alto Networks to secure runtime aspects of a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster.

  • Lab

    Prisma Cloud Scan CI/CD Pipeline Jenkins and Code Repo Github

    Use Prisma Cloud Compute to "shift security left" - scan at build time an image within Jenkins on a GKE cluster, as well as your Github code repo, for vulnerabilities and compliance issues.

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    Prisma Cloud: Protect your Cloud Instance with Host Defender

    Host Defender is deployed to each Compute Engine instance to secure the cloud workload. The Host Defender protects your environment according to the security policies configured in the Prisma Cloud Console.

  • Lab

    Prisma Cloud Host Defender Auto Deploy from a SaaS Portal

    This lab is designed for Prisma Cloud customers, and you will deploy Prisma Cloud Host Defender from Google Cloud Marketplace. Having a Prisma Cloud SaaS portal is a prerequisite. If you are not a current Prisma Cloud customer, contact Palo Alto Networks prior to starting the lab to register for a free trial.

  • Lab

    Cortex XSOAR Cloud Native Security Automation

    In this lab you will deploy Prisma Cloud Compute and Cortex XSOAR, then add integrations and use a playbook to automate response to a security incident.

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