Financial Services in Google Cloud

Fundamental 4 Steps 6 hours 22 Credits

A diverse workforce is critical for business success. Women are underrepresented in technology roles (25%) and banking roles (20%). This quest was created to reskill and empower employees in Financial Services so they are ready for more complex roles in the digital age, and originally produced as a training session combining the #IamRemarkable initiative and custom built theory and practical Financial Services training.

Quest Outline


Getting Started with BigQuery GIS for Data Analysts

BigQuery GIS allows you to easily analyze and visualize geospatial data in BigQuery.


Loading Your Own Data into BigQuery

This lab teaches you how to ingest data from a CSV file into tables in BigQuery.


warning Using AutoML Tables in the Banking Industry

In this hands-on lab you will use AutoML tables to create a dataset, import table data into the dataset, then identify schema columns and train a model. Finally, use the model to make predictions.


Fraud Detection on Financial Transactions with Machine Learning on Google Cloud

Explore financial transactions data for fraud analysis, apply feature engineering and machine learning techniques to detect fraudulent activities using BigQuery ML.

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