Digital Media

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AWS provides a set of on-demand storage, archive, transcoding, and streaming services for businesses that are running photo, video, and file storage applications in the cloud. In this quest, you’ll learn to work with foundational services for digital media on AWS.


This quest is designed to teach you how to work with AWS services to store, manage, and share digital media on the cloud.

Quest Outline

Hands-On Lab

warning Introduction to Amazon EC2

This lab provides you with a basic overview of launching, resizing, managing, and monitoring an Amazon EC2 instance. Please DO NOT change the auto assigned region.

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Hands-On Lab

warning Introduction to Amazon DynamoDB

This lab teaches you about Amazon DynamoDB and walks you through how to create, query, view and delete a table in the AWS Management Console. For a demonstration, go to: For the lab to function as written, please DO NOT change the auto assigned region.

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Hands-On Lab

warning Working with Elastic Load Balancing

This lab introduces the concept of Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). In this lab you will use ELB to load balance a set of web servers in an Availability Zone. You will launch a pair of Amazon EC2 instances, bootstrap them to install web servers and content, and then access the instances independently using Amazon EC2 DNS records. Next, you will set up ELB, add your instances to the ELB, and then access the ELB DNS record to watch your requests load balance between servers. Finally, you will look at ELB metrics in CloudWatch. To successfully complete this lab, you should be familiar with the AWS Management Console.

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Hands-On Lab

warning Using Open Data with Amazon S3

This lab demonstrates how to upload data to Amazon S3 and make it available for anyone to access via a web browser. You will learn how to create an Amazon S3 bucket, configure it to host a website, upload objects to it, and use JavaScript to display those objects on a web page. Along the way, you’ll learn some best practices for creating open data. At the end of this lab you will have deployed a simple web site that makes data easy to access and provides basic documentation of the data.

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Hands-On Lab

warning Maintaining High Availability with Auto Scaling (for Linux)

This lab introduces the basics of Auto Scaling, highlighting multiple Auto Scaling use cases and the command-line tools used for Auto Scaling configuration. After completing this lab you will have configured and tested an elastic web farm which automatically scales capacity to accommodate load. In addition you will have explored a steady state use case in which Auto Scaling is used to maintain high availability of critical resources.

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