Websites and Web Applications

Fundamental 5 Steps 5時間 35クレジット

When it comes to hosting websites and web applications, you want a framework that’s robust, fast, and secure. By choosing the Google Cloud Platform, you will have all of those needs covered. In this fundamental-level quest, you will get hands-on practice with GCPs key infrastructure and computing services for the web. From deploying your first web app, to integrating Cloud SQL with Ruby on Rails, to mapping the NYC subway system on App Engine, you will learn all the skills needed to harness GCPs web hosting power.

Infrastructure Application Development


As many labs in this Quest rely on the Ruby programming language, the student should be an experienced programmer with Ruby.This Quest requires basic familiarity with GCP computing service like App engine and Compute engine. An understanding of basic networking principles is also expected. Thus it is recommended that the student have at least earned a Badge by completing the hands-on labs in the GCP Essentials and the Baseline: Deploy and Develop Quests before beginning.

Quest Outline


Running WordPress on App Engine Flexible Environment

In this lab, you learn how to run your WordPress blog on App Engine Flexible Environment for PHP. Watch the short video Run WordPress on App Engine Flexible Environment.


Using Ruby on Rails with Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL

In this lab, you'll learn how to deploy a new Ruby on Rails application using Google Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL to Google App Engine Flexible environment.


Google Maps Web Services Proxy for Mobile Applications

In this lab, you'll build a Google App Engine proxy for the Google Places API web service.


Mapping the NYC Subway

In this lab, you’ll build a store locator web application for the NYC (New York City) Subway Station data set.


Let's Encrypt を使用して HTTPS リダイレクトで GKE にウェブアプリをデプロイする

このラボでは、ブラウザに信頼される TLS 証明書を使用してウェブアプリをデプロイする方法を紹介します。また、Let's Encrypt、NGINX Ingress、Cloud Endpoints を使用して GKE に HTTPS リダイレクトをデプロイします。

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