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This quest is designed to teach you how to work with AWS services to develop and manage marketing websites on the cloud.

Quest Outline

Hands-On Lab

Introduction to Amazon EC2

This lab provides you with a basic overview of launching, resizing, managing, and monitoring an Amazon EC2 instance. Please DO NOT change the auto assigned region.

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Hands-On Lab

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 简介

本实验向您展示了如何使用 AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 来管理对 AWS 服务的访问和权限。练习以下步骤:向组中添加用户、管理密码、以 IAM 创建的用户身份登录和查看 IAM 策略对访问特定服务的影响。

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Hands-On Lab

warning 使用S3服务于开放数据

本实验展示如何上传文件到S3,并让文件跨越通过web浏览器来访问。你将学到如何创建亚马逊S3存储桶,配置它来提供web站点服务,使用JavaScript代码来展示这些对象。同时,你将了解到创建开放数据的最佳实践。在实验的最后,你将部署一个简单的web 站点,让数据跨越被访问,和提供数据的基本文档。

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Hands-On Lab

Maintaining High Availability with Auto Scaling (for Linux)

This lab introduces the basics of Auto Scaling, highlighting multiple Auto Scaling use cases and the command-line tools used for Auto Scaling configuration. After completing this lab you will have configured and tested an elastic web farm which automatically scales capacity to accommodate load. In addition you will have explored a steady state use case in which Auto Scaling is used to maintain high availability of critical resources.

Hands-On Lab

Building Your First Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

This lab demonstrates how to build an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) which contains private and public subnets, routing tables, and a NAT server to allow private subnets to access the Internet.

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