Data Science on Google Cloud

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This is the first of two Quests of hands-on labs is derived from the exercises from the book Data Science on Google Cloud Platform by Valliappa Lakshmanan, published by O'Reilly Media, Inc. In this first Quest, covering up through chapter 8, you are given the opportunity to practice all aspects of ingestion, preparation, processing, querying, exploring and visualizing data sets using Google Cloud tools and services.

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  • Lab

    BigQuery ve Cloud SQL için SQL'e giriş

    Bu laboratuvarda SQL ile ilgili temel koşulları öğrenecek, BigQuery ve Cloud SQL'de yapılandırılmış sorgular çalıştırma hakkında uygulamalı alıştırmalar yapacaksınız.

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    Ingesting Data Into The Cloud

    In this lab you'll learn how to use a bash script to download selected data from a large public data set that is available on the internet.

  • Lab

    Google Cloud SQL'e Veri Yükleme

    Bu laboratuvarda, CSV metin dosyalarındaki verileri Cloud SQL'e aktaracak, ardından basit sorgular kullanarak bazı temel veri analizleri gerçekleştireceksiniz.

  • Lab

    Visualizing Data with Google Data Studio

    This lab demonstrates how to use Google Data Studio to visualize data stored in Google Cloud SQL.

  • Lab

    Processing Data with Google Cloud Dataflow

    In this lab you will simulate a real-time real world data set from a historical data set. This simulated data set will be processed from a set of text files using Python and Google Cloud DataFlow, and the resulting simulated real-time data will be stored in Google BigQuery.

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    Visualize Real Time Geospatial Data with Google Data Studio

    Use Google Dataflow to process real-time streaming data from a real-time real world historical data set, storing the results in Google BigQuery and then using Google Data Studio to visualize real-time geospatial data.

  • Lab

    Loading Data into BigQuery for Exploratory Data Analysis

    You will learn how to load text data into BigQuery and then use that data for rapid exploratory data analysis using Google Cloud Datalab notebooks.

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    Exploratory Data Analysis Using AI Platform

    Learn the process of analyzing a data set stored in BigQuery using AI Platform to perform queries and present the data using various statistical plotting techniques.

  • Lab

    Evaluating a Data Model

    Learn the process for partitioning a data set into a training set that will be used to develop a model, and a test set that can then be used to evaluate the accuracy of the model and then independently evaluate predictive models in a repeatable manner.

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    Quest Info
    This Quest assumes you have access to the O’Reilly book Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform as the labs only include the exercises from the end of each chapter and do not contain the concepts or teaching from the text itself. The labs use Google Cloud Services and Tools for data storage, transformation, and warehousing, so it is recommended that the student also has earned Badges for the Baseline: Data, ML, and AI and the GCP Essentials Quests before beginning.