Managing Cloud Infrastructure with Terraform

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In this Quest, the experienced user of Google Cloud will learn how to describe and launch cloud resources with Terraform, an open source tool that codifies APIs into declarative configuration files that can be shared amongst team members, treated as code, edited, reviewed, and versioned. In these nine hands-on labs, you will work with example templates and understand how to launch a range of configurations, from simple servers, through full load-balanced applications.


Prérequis :

Although this quest will teach you the fundamentals of Terraform, you will still need hands-on experience with GCP’s computing and networking services before getting started. It is recommended that the student have at least earned a Badge by completing the hands-on labs in the Cloud Architecture and/or the Networking in the Google Cloud Quests before beginning.

Quest Outline

Atelier pratique

Terraform Fundamentals

In this hands-on-lab you will create infrastructure, a virtual machine, using Terraform in the cloud environment.

Atelier pratique

Deploy Kubernetes Load Balancer Service with Terraform

In Terraform, a Provider is the logical abstraction of an upstream API. This lab will show you how to setup a Kubernetes cluster and deploy Load Balancer type Nginx service on it.

Atelier pratique

HTTPS Content-Based Load Balancer with Terraform

This lab shows you how to create a HTTPS load balancer to forward traffic to a custom URL map, which then sends traffic to the region closest to you with static assets being served from a Cloud Storage bucket.

Atelier pratique

Modular Load Balancing with Terraform - Regional Load Balancer

This lab will demonstrate how to use the Regional Load Balancer GCP Terraform modules for setting up various load balancers.

Atelier pratique

Custom Providers with Terraform

In Terraform, a Provider is the logical abstraction of an upstream API. This lab will show you how to build a custom provider for Terraform.

Atelier pratique

Cloud SQL with Terraform

In this hands-on lab you will learn to create Cloud SQL instances with Terraform, then set up the Cloud SQL Proxy, testing the connection with both MySQL and PostgreSQL clients.


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