IoT in the Google Cloud

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In this quest, you will learn about Google Cloud’s IoT Core service and its integration with other services like GCS, Dataprep, Stackdriver and Firestore. The labs in this quest use simulator code to mimic IOT devices and the learning here should empower you to implement the same streaming pipeline with real world IoT devices.

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This Quest builds on an understanding of the functions of basic Google Cloud Platform Services. It is recommended that the student have earned a Badge by completing the hands-on labs in the Baseline: Infrastructure Quest and/or the GCP Essentials Quest before beginning.

Quest Outline


Internet das Coisas: Qwik Start

Confira neste laboratório como usar o Console do Google Cloud Platform para criar um registro de dispositivos do Cloud IoT Core e registrar um dispositivo. Veja também como executar uma amostra para conectar um dispositivo e publicar eventos de telemetria.

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Streaming IoT Data to Cloud Storage

In this lab configure Cloud IoT Core and Cloud Pub/Sub to create a Pub/Sub topic and registry on GCP, then use this topic to ingest data streaming from a simulated IoT device.


Streaming IoT Core Data to Dataprep

Configure Cloud IoT Core and Cloud Pub/Sub to create a Pub/Sub topic and registry on GCP. Using a simulated device, stream data to Google Cloud Storage, then design a Dataprep flow to analyze data.


Crie um pipeline de análise de Internet das Coisas (IoT na sigla em inglês) no Google Cloud

Este laboratório mostra como conectar e gerenciar dispositivos usando o Cloud IoT Core, ingerir o fluxo de informações usando o Cloud Pub/Sub, processar os dados de IoT usando o Cloud Dataflow e analisar esses dados com o BigQuery. Assista ao vídeo Easily Build an IoT Analytics Pipeline.

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A Tour of Cloud IoT Core

In this lab you build a simple IoT system. Simulated devices publish data to their telemetry feeds, the server then decides the devices' state using IoT Core.


APIs Explorer: PubSub e IoT

Neste laboratório, você provisionará serviços do Cloud IoT e do Pub/Sub usando o APIs Explorer. Esses serviços serão usados para criar um stream de telemetria de temperatura.

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Using Cloud Logging with IoT Core Devices

In this hands-on lab you configure CloudFunctions to send IoT Core device application logs to Stackdriver Logging.


Using Firestore with Cloud IoT Core for Device Configuration

Learn how to configure Cloud Functions for Firebase to relay document changes in Cloud Firestore as configuration updates for Cloud IoT Core Devices.

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