App Modernization with Apigee

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Apigee enables you to create APIs and manage them for the benefit of other developers who might need to use your software. Apigee Edge enables you to quickly expose backend services as APIs. These "API Products" offer different capabilities and levels of service, with consumption managed by Apigee. Istio is an open source framework for connecting, securing, and managing microservices, especially services that are hosted in a Kubernetes cluster. This Quest of hands-on labs gives you practice in using Apigee for API creation and management functionality when you decide to modernize an application backend on Google Kubernetes Engine and an Istio based service mesh.

Infrastructure Application Development


Prior to taking the labs in this Advanced-level Quest, you should have significant experience in application development and containerized deployment in Google Kubernetes Engine. Suggested prerequisite Quest is Kubernetes In the Google Cloud.

Quest Outline

Praxisorientiertes Lab

Einführung: APIs in Google

In diesem Lab lernen Sie die Architektur und die Grundfunktionen von APIs kennen. Im Praxisteil erfahren Sie dann, wie Sie Cloud Storage API-Methoden in Cloud Shell konfigurieren und ausführen.

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Praxisorientiertes Lab

warning Securely Expose a SOAP Service as a RESTful API Using Apigee

Starting with an existing SOAP service, you'll import it into Apigee and apply some basic security, traffic management, and message transformation policies.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

warning App Modernization with Istio Using Mixer to Apply Policies

This lab shows you how to install and configure Istio on Kubernetes Engine, deploy an Istio-enabled microservices application, install Apigee Istio Mixer plugin which provides additional security, governance , and enforces authorization via Apigee.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

warning Seamless Migration of Customer Traffic to GCP

In this lab you will learn how to leverage Apigee to transparently migrate application traffic from legacy backends to GCP-backed systems.

Praxisorientiertes Lab

warning Securely and Easily Connect to Google Stackdriver using Apigee

In this lab you will learn how to leverage Apigee Edge to integrate with Google Cloud Platform’s Stack Driver for message logging.

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