Google Kubernetes Engine Best Practices

Advanced 5 Steps 5 hours 33 Credits

Get Anthos Ready. Demand for Google Kubernetes Engine is growing, and customers are looking to Google and its partners to provide in-depth technical knowledge. This first Google Kubernetes Engine-centric Quest of best practices hands-on labs will get you started containerizing to modernize in place , and then managing your deployed apps and services -- with monitoring, tracing, and logging.



It is recommended that students have earned the Badge by completing the hands-on labs in the GCP Essentials Quest before attempting these labs.

Quest Outline

Hands-On Lab

GKE Migrating to Containers

This lab provides a basic walkthrough of migrating a stateless application from running on a VM to running on Kubernetes Engine (GKE). It demonstrates the lifecycle of an application transitioning from a typical VM/OS-based deployment to three different containerized cloud infrastructure platforms.

Hands-On Lab

Monitoring with Stackdriver on Kubernetes Engine

In this lab you will set up Monitoring and visualizing metrics from a Kubernetes Engine cluster

Hands-On Lab

Tracing with Stackdriver on Kubernetes Engine

This lab deployings a Kubernetes Engine cluster, then a simple web application fronted by a load balancer is deployed to the cluster. The web app publishes messages provided by the user to a Cloud Pub/Sub topic. You will see the correlated telemetry data from HTTP requests to the app will be available in the Stackdriver Trace Console.

Hands-On Lab

Logging with Stackdriver on Kubernetes Engine

In this lab you will deploy a sample application to Kubernetes Engine that forwards log events to Stackdriver Logging.

Hands-On Lab

Connect to Cloud SQL from an Application in Kubernetes Engine

This lab shows how easy it is to connect an application in Kubernetes Engine to a Cloud SQL instance using the Cloud SQL Proxy container as a sidecar container. You will deploy a Kubernetes Engine cluster and a Cloud SQL Postgres instance and use the Cloud SQL Proxy container to allow communication between them.

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