Cloud Logging

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Cloud Logging is a fully managed service that performs at scale. It can ingest application and system log data from thousands of VMs and, even better, analyze all that log data in real time. In this fundamental-level Quest, you learn how to store, search, analyze, monitor, and alert on log data and events from Google Cloud. The labs in the Quest give you hands-on practice using Cloud Logging to maximize your learning experience and provide insight on how you can use Cloud Logging to your own Google Cloud environment.



Students enrolling in this Quest will benefit from prior experience via the labs in the Google Cloud Essentials Quest or the Google Cloud's Operations Suite Quest.

Quest Outline


Fundamentals of Cloud Logging

In this hands-on lab, you learn how to use Cloud Logging to accumulate application logs in a single place, filter to reach the required log, understand how to create logs based metrics for advanced analysis, examine the audit logs use case, and export logs for compliance and/or advanced analysis needs.


Using BigQuery and Cloud Logging to Analyze BigQuery Usage

In this lab you view the BigQuery logs inside Cloud Logging, set up a sink to export them back into BigQuery, and then use SQL to analyze the logs.


Cloud Logging no Kubernetes Engine

Neste laboratório, você implantará um aplicativo no Kubernetes Engine que encaminha eventos de registro ao Stackdriver Logging.

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Como monitorar e gerar registros do Cloud Functions

Neste laboratório prático, você verá algumas informações fornecidas pelas ferramentas do Cloud Monitoring e alguns conceitos para usar esse recurso com eficiência.

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Como definir métricas com base em registros e enviar alertas relacionados

Este laboratório prático mostrará algumas informações apresentadas pelas ferramentas do Cloud Monitoring e alguns conceitos essenciais ao uso eficiente desse recurso.

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