VM Migration

Advanced 5 Steps 5時間 27クレジット

Google Cloud’s VM migration methodology provides a defined, repeatable path for users to follow. In this quest, you will get hands-on practice with this four-step migration sequence. You will build assessment reports with CloudPhysics, leverage Terraform’s infrastructure-as-code templates, perform lift-and-shift migrations with Cloud Endure, and finally replicate applications as cloud-native workloads. Enroll in this quest and get practice with Google’s current solution set for VM migration. As a bonus we include a basic lab on Google Kubernetes Engine for those needing a refresher.



Students enrolling in this Quest should have taken the labs in the GCP Essentials Quest.

Quest Outline


VM Migration: Assessment

This lab demonstrates a use of an assessment tool and how to enable it on a source environment on AWS. During the lab the students will get exposure to features and capabilities they are not familiar with.


VM Migration: Planning

This lab provides a high level overview of the Google Cloud Adoption Framework and then deep dives into how to automate environment setup and deployments on GCP.


VM Migration: Lift and Shift

In this lab, you will perform a lift and shift virtual machine migration of an application and database server from one Google Cloud Platform region to another disparate region by leveraging Cloud Endure’s Live Migration tool.


Kubernetes Engine: Qwik Start

Google Kubernetes Engine では、Google のインフラストラクチャを用いて、コンテナ化されたアプリケーションのデプロイ、管理、スケーリングを行うマネージド環境が提供されます。このハンズオンラボでは、Kubernetes Engine を使用して、コンテナ化されたアプリケーションをデプロイする方法について説明します。ショートプレビュー動画、Manage Containerized Apps with Kubernetes Engine もご参照ください。

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VM Migration: Modernize

This lab will walk you through an optimization stage of a migration. In this lab you continue their migration journey from "Lift and Shift.". In this lab you migrate from MySQL on GCE to Cloud SQL (managed service).

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